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Welcome to the TTC/MOT Administrator's Website


REGISTER FOR AN MOT TRAINING go to the Program Resources tab. From the Drop Down Choose Find Course. Registration is done directly with the Provider.                                                                                                                          FOR REFRESHER we recommend you register minimum 30 days prior to expiration date. No Grace Period for not registering on time.


TECHNICIAN/STUDENT LOGIN: ONLY for Results and Certificates

STEP 1: Sign-Up  (READ steps before clicking the Sign Up link)

  1. Navigate to the Sign Up page.
  2. Enter your Email, First Name, Last Name (Per MOT records)
  3. Create a Username and Password
    • Passwords must be minimum 8 characters
  4. By Signing Up, you will have access to your MOT information, results and certifications only. This is not to register for MOT Courses.

STEP 2: Login (After Creating Account)

  1. Navigate to Student Portal (Top-Gray Area)
  2. For a step-by-step video tutorial on using the student portal, please click here: Student's Portal Video



  1. Navigate to Provider Portal Log in page.
  2. Enter your Email on file and the password provided by the Administrator.
  3. For a step-by-step video tutorial on using the provider portal, please click here: Provider's Portal Video

Contact us at if you have any problems. Please include your full name, TIN#, and email on the request.

TTC Training Program Administrator

Alfka, LLC
Cindy Rullan-MOT Training Program Administrator
400 N. Tampa Street
Suite 1440
Tampa, FL 33602

Tel: 813.419.1730
Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM (M-F)

TTC/MOT HANDBOOK Requirements and Processes TTC Training Handbook

(Program Resources Tab- Top Gray Bar)- All certified technicians are listed here. Search by First AND Last Name, Certificate#, and TIN#. ________________________________________________________________________________________

PDH Credits:
MOT Administrator does not issue PDH credit. PDH, if offered, will be provided by the company that did the training. Please contact your training provider directly to request a PDH certificate.  ________________________________________________________________________________________

It is the responsibility of the technician/student to provide their employer with a copy of their certificate. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Upcoming Expirations and Expired certifications offer no grace period. Technicians must take the entire course and exam if their certification has lapsed. ________________________________________________________________________________________

PUBLIC RECORDS: For information and inquiries please contact FDOT Customer Service Portal at the following link: Customer Service Portal (