To become an authorized TTC Training Provider the following is required:

1. Proven ability to manage training

2. Computer, project, and speakers

3. Microsoft PowerPoint - latest version

4. Stop/Slow paddle(s)

5. Red Emergency flag(s)

6. A policy for student verification

7. A policy for student-to-instructor ratio

8. A policy for quality control of instructors

9. A policy for refunds and cancellations
(if training courses are open to the public)

10. Virtual Class Proposal (Separate Documentation Needed)
(Request Criteria for Virtual approval)

Submit the following documents as a single pdf to

1. Provider Application Form   Click to download

2. Written Policies   Click for template

3. Instructor/Proctor Agreement Form   Click to download

4. Instructor Resume - per instructor

5. Instructor TTC/MOT Certificate - per instructor

6. Virtual Course Proposal
(if virtual courses are to be provided)

*Review and Approval process may take 30-60 days (New Applications, Renewals, New Instructor, New Proctor). FDOT TRT team meets once a month. Once approved Primary Contact must schedule a Google Meeting to Review MOT/TTC Policies and Procedure prior to having access to the Provider Portal

**If Approved, all training material is issued by FDOT/MOT Administrator, Exams are processed by MOT Administrator, Certifications are issued by MOT Administrator. Cost per Technician/Student is $20.00/pp


Prospective instructors must provide resumes which show at a minimum the following criteria for the respective TTC/MOT Training course. Resumes must include a copy of the prospective instructor's current TTC/MOT Certificate of at least the same level for the planned teaching course.

Basic Flagger and Intermediate TTC Courses:

Two (2) years of experience of experience having responsible charge of specific work zone activities in one or more of the following highway categories: Design, Construction, Maintenance or Traffic Operations. Prospetice instructor's resume must provide a description of the instructor’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach the course effectively.

Advanced TTC Courses:

Two (2) years of experience having responsible charge of MOT/TTC Plan preparation, inspection, or supervision in one(1) or more of the following highway categories: Design, Construction, Maintenance or Traffic Operations. Resume must show details of prospective instructor's involvement in using the following State of Florida documents: Standards Plan, FDOT Design Manual, Construction Project Admin Manual, and the Standard Specifications for work zone applications.

Prospective proctors for basic flagger courses must have a current TTC/MOT certificate for either an Advanced or Intermediate level.
Prospective proctors for Advanced or Intermediate exams are not required to hold a current TTC/MOT certificate.
Approved proctors are only allowed to administer TTC/MOT exams. Proctors are not approved to teach any level of TTC/MOT training courses.